• Blind Heritage Reissues, Wake Up and Smell the OG Silkscreened Ink.


    All 3 Blind Heritage Silkscreened Reissues are now in stock! These are a must have for the collection. We're stoked to get our hands on these... original shapes, original art by Mark McKee, hand silkscreened like the good ol' days, and they 100% made in the U.S.A. These reissues were released in collaboration with Mark Gonzales, Jason Lee, and Rudy Johnson. Grab em while you can. 

    Blind Skateboards Gonz Jason Lee Rudy Johnson Reissues silkscreened classic skate graphics mckee

    Mark Gonzales Blind Heritage Reissue Deck Skull and Banana powell silkscreened

    Jason Lee dodo skull reissue powell rip blind skateboards silkscreened made in USA

    Rudy Johnson Reissue Heritage Blind Skate jock skull powell rip off mckee art silk screened

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  • Step Up Your Coffee Game | Blind Heritage Mugs


    How strong is your morning coffee game? We just got an upgrade with the Blind Heritage Skull Series Mugs...

    Blind_Heritage_Skull_Coffee_Mugs_Classic_Skateboard_seriesJason Lee Dodo Skull, Mark Gonzales Skull & Banana, and Rudy Johnson Jock Skull Graphics. 

    Rip off Blind logo on the back side. 

    Stay caffeinated. 

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